Why Innovia

Providing effective financial planning strategies
for business owners, athletes & institutions.

Our passion is to serve athletes, entrepreneurs and their families. It’s what drives us every day.

As a financial resource, we provide strategies and implementations for almost every scenario:

When a business owner considers the sale of their company, they can turn to us to help create strategies that align with their financial goals, at a time when everything is at stake.

When an athlete is navigating the financial implications of a fast-paced and quickly changing career, we are here every step of the way.

When an organization is evaluating retirement and defined plan options for their employees, our team will take the time to understand your plan’s specific needs, goals, and expectations and then develop the strategies needed to accomplish and exceed these needs.

Everything we do is built around our clients, including how we develop our team and culture, grow professional talent, and deepen investment expertise. It is the primary reason Citywire named us the fastest growing RIA in Michigan in 2022.

Innovative planning to help achieve your financial goals.

We help clients navigate the complex financial transition from one wealth engine to another. That begins with the consistent and steady cash flow replacement that is vital to the next phase of their lives. In fact, in some cases, we call it a “paycheck replacement program.” In addition, we help coordinate the timely and unique legal and tax considerations that may occur before, during, and after a major life or business transition.

Innovia utilizes up-to-date technology and interactive apps that allow our clients to easily access their accounts from their phone, tablet, or laptop, wherever they are.

Set yourself up for success with a customized plan to achieve your goals.

Take control of your retirement goals today!

Download our comprehensive Retirement Planning Checklist for Business Owners and pave the way to a financially secure future.