Estate Planning & Insurance Solutions

Estate Planning

Having a proper estate plan in place, in tandem with the right life insurance coverage, will go a long way toward ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. It will also help alleviate any financial hardship that your passing may otherwise cause your loved ones. A carefully constructed plan will also allow your heirs to avoid the public probate process which can be both expensive and time consuming.

Our team has extensive experience helping families make sure that a plan for their continued success is in place before it is too late. Remember, after your death, your money will end up either with your chosen heirs and favorite charities, or the government. We can help you see your legacy is delivered as you intended.

Insurance as a Business Tool

Life insurance can also be a useful tool for protecting your business. Whether you head up a well-established multi-generation family business or are an entrepreneur whose successful startup is headed for an IPO, there are numerous life insurance solutions, such as key man insurance, that can provide a simple and cost-effective solution to complex business problems. Innovia Wealth is a licensed insurance agency and partner with an independent high-end insurance provider to assure that we are equipped to meet all your insurance needs.

The insurance needs of individuals and businesses may change along with their circumstances. Our insurance experts can conduct an annual or bi-annual review of your current policies. After the review, we will issue a proprietary report, reflecting your specific situations and identifying any policies you may no longer need or additional coverage you should consider.

Set yourself up for success with a customized plan to achieve your goals.

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