A Comprehensive Approach to Wealth Management

Posted: 6-10-24 | Drew Boatright

A Comprehensive Approach to Wealth Management: Helping Clients Reach Their Financial Goals

In the world of finance, two distinctive service offerings are often mischaracterized as one and the same: private wealth management and investment management. Which makes the most sense for you?

Private Wealth Management vs. Investment Management: Which is Right for You?

At its most basic level, private wealth management involves the holistic management of every aspect of an individual’s financial life, encompassing a wide spectrum of planning to reach short-, medium- and long-term goals.

On the other hand, investment management focuses primarily on optimizing returns at a desired level of risk. The key distinction is that a private wealth manager is focused on optimizing the achievement of goals rather than just focusing on investment returns. Recognizing the nuances and intersections between these two disciplines is crucial for understanding the perspective and vantage point an advisor is considering when providing recommendations.

In addition to the services being considered based on these disciplines, there may be inherent conflicts of interest or limitations in the solutions available from a Wall Street bank advisor versus an independent advisor.

A skilled private wealth manager analyzes a client’s financial landscape, envisions potential challenges, and strategically positions various components to help achieve financial success.

Investment Management vs Private Wealth Management Process

What Does a Comprehensive Approach to Private Wealth Management Include?

A private wealth manager’s services should encompass every aspect of an individual or family’s financial life, which may vary based on needs and priorities, but can include the following:

Investment Management

While wealth management has many aspects to consider, investment management is one of the most critical. Effective investment management helps mitigate potential risks and fosters opportunities for growth. Each investment should be carefully evaluated and chosen only when it aligns with what is important to the client, their goals.

As an independent RIA, Innovia has access to the wide universe of investment options. Our approach incorporates both public and private market investments, recognizing the need for both in order to help achieve a truly comprehensive strategy.


Insurance products play a pivotal role in strategic risk management, safeguarding against potential threats and helping to ensure financial defenses remain strong and hopefully impenetrable. At Innovia, client-centered recommendations guide our approach, tailoring insurance solutions to individual needs. Rather than being limited to a specific insurance provider, we are able to choose among the leading carriers based on client objectives.

Banking and Lending

Banking and lending functions can be of critical value as part of a comprehensive wealth management plan, particularly for business owners and high-income individuals with unique cashflow and liquidity needs. We remain impartial, guiding clients through financing options to secure favorable terms. With multiple banking partners, we offer a range of banking and lending solutions, distinguishing us from traditional firms with a single-provider approach.

Tax Planning and Coordination

Taxes touch every aspect of one’s financial life. Working with a team well-versed and knowledgeable in the intricacies of tax planning is a critical component of a comprehensive wealth management plan that investment management alone may not address.

Trust and Estate Services

Trust and estate planning help determine how wealth will be transferred and preserved for future generations. At Innovia, we collaborate with attorneys to craft robust trust and estate planning strategies to align financial goals within legal frameworks, giving clients a tailored and legally sound roadmap.

Retirement Planning

By conducting comprehensive financial assessments, we tailor retirement strategies to align with clients’ aspirations, lifestyle preferences, and risk tolerances. Determining how clients will generate income in their retirement years is important. We prepare a robust cash flow analysis to inform us of the options available that optimize investment returns and navigate tax implications. An effective private wealth manager  closely track any risks or opportunities may impact the plan’s trajectory, and make any adjustments as needed to safeguard our clients’ interests. 


Philanthropy not only contributes to the betterment of society, but also further optimizes tax benefits. By understanding our clients’ unique values and passions, we develop strategic plans that not only make a positive impact, but also seamlessly integrate with their financial goals, creating a meaningful and lasting legacy for generations to come. 

Family Governance

When properly structured, family governance establishes distinct roles and responsibilities while fostering a space for effective communication among family members. By providing a neutral and informed perspective, private wealth managers help families navigate topics such as wealth transfer, succession planning, and financial education. This collaborative approach extends beyond family members, involving professionals such as legal and tax advisors. The overarching goal is not only to manage wealth but also to impart essential financial values to the next generation, ensuring a shared understanding of family values and financial responsibilities.

The Bottom Line: Benefits of Working with Innovia for Private Wealth Management

The concept of private wealth management is important to understand when searching for an advisor. It signifies a departure from a one-size-fits-all mentality to a client-centric approach that tailors individual strategies to meet specific goals. By providing a broader range of services, advisors are better equipped to address the multifaceted financial concerns of their clients.


As the financial landscape continues to evolve, sophisticated clients are looking for sophisticated wealth management solutions that thoughtfully integrate investment management, financial planning, and a fiduciary commitment to guide them toward their financial goals with transparency and integrity. Whether seeking to improve investment portfolios, plan for retirement, or address intricate tax considerations, a private wealth manager can offer a personalized plan to help achieve financial well-being.

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