Introducing the Logisyn Education Series

Posted: 9-29-21 | Innovia Wealth

If you are a business owner, you know that eventually you will have to create an exit plan for your business, whether that will involve an outside buyer, a transition to family, or another type of plan. Your overall well being is more than just the value of your company or the sale price you will realize, however. It also involves your wealth and assets and your personal goals for yourself and your family. Strategies Wealth Advisors has partnered with Logisyn Advisors to create the Logisyn Education Series to assist business owners in understanding the complex process of transitioning to the next step of life after they sell their companies.

Are Your Personal Wealth and Assets Prepared for an M&A Event?

The time to start the exit planning process is now, even if you believe that a sale is years down the road. If you do not have financial advisors that you can trust to handle your wealth management and tax strategy, you need to begin assembling your team well in advance of any move.

“Sophisticated planning means building a tailored and cohesive financial plan that incorporates your investments, taxes, any estate planning, and insurance in order to meet your goals and aspirations.”

Logisyn Advisors has expertise with comprehensive M&A services, and Strategies Wealth can help you manage your personal wealth and assets. For most owners, their business is their largest asset, but its value is illiquid. Making the right investments with your personal assets will give you more leverage when it eventually comes time to sell. If you are not completely reliant on the sale price you can realize from your company, you have more control over the choices you can make in both the short and long term. For most people, the reality of exiting a business is more stressful and complicated than they realize. Comprehensive planning helps mitigate this.

The Logisyn Education Series

You dreamed, planned, worked, and sacrificed to build your company. You want to ensure that you get the best offer possible. That’s only likely to happen if you partner with people who have the experience and knowledge of the exit planning process as well as financial planning. You want to be in the strongest position you can be when you make the most important financial deal of your life.

If you have questions about exit planning or wealth management, please call us at Strategies Wealth Advisors. We will be happy to meet and discuss your goals and strategize with you on how we can help you achieve them. We have encouraged many of our clients to think outside of the box and plan creative solutions that will turn vulnerabilities into strengths and opportunities over time. A better future awaits.