Manage and Pass on Your Estate

Posted: 6-17-21 | Innovia Wealth

You built your estate with your time, energy, and talent. You want to decide what happens to it.

It’s natural to want to be able to pass on what you built to the people you love without interference from other people or the IRS. Estate planning is complex, however, because its goal is to bypass taxation or any predatory parties. We work with our clients to determine what their values are, what their families need, and how they would like to distribute their assets so their wishes will be respected, honored, and protected.

To fully understand our clients’ wishes and intentions, we ask questions like:

  • How much of your estate do you need to continue to use for your own needs?
  • When would you feel comfortable setting aside money for your beneficiaries’ use: now or in your will?
  • Would you rather allocate funds now so you can see your heirs benefit and make decisions and investments?
  • Would you like to give your beneficiaries unencumbered cash or funds in a protected form that they have access to, but that is protected from events like lawsuits or divorces?
  • Would your beneficiaries rather continue to grow the taxable estate (subject to estate taxes), or would they rather grow their non taxable estate (no longer subject to estate taxes at your death)?

Estate planning is not a one-time event. Complex financial legacies require strategic and often generational planning. The decisions you make with your estate planning will affect other parts of your planning. That’s why we partner with estate planning attorneys to ensure that your plans are correctly structured and activated when the time is right.

We also work in tandem with your accountant and any other trusted partners you have. We want to make sure every contingency is planned for and no unintended consequences occur if something unforeseen happens.

We can help you make the important decisions you need to make about your estate and translate those choices into tangible plans and legal arrangements that will respect the value of your life’s work.