Zach Terpstra

Financial Planner

Joining Innovia Wealth Management as a financial planner in 2023, Zach works closely with his clients to develop sound, long-term financial plans tailored to their unique values and goals. He believes that complicated problems can become engaging challenges when approached with the proper mindset and tools.

After graduating from Hope College, Zach founded his own private investment vehicle where he managed a portfolio of investments ranging from commercial real estate to derivatives. His career began working extensively within supply chain as well as corporate analytics. He is a 2024 Level II Candidate in the CFA Program.

Zach gained early knowledge of small business while working alongside his family at their local hardware stores. There he learned the value of integrity in everyday interactions and fostered a strong servant leadership mindset. Zach and his wife Megan thoroughly enjoy exploring Grand Rapids and finding new experiences. On any given day, the odds are great that you will find Zach either on the river fly fishing or reading a good book.