Personalized Investment Strategies for You

Posted: 6-17-21 | Innovia Wealth

You’ve worked hard to create your wealth, and now you would like to invest it in a way that will make your future plans achievable. This is a wonderful goal, but the investment landscape is often confusing or intimidating for those who are unfamiliar with investing. The ups and downs of the market can be unpredictable and anxiety provoking, especially for the risk averse.

That is why we are here. Making strategic investments of wealth is our purpose. We work for our clients, helping them achieve investment goals that match both their values and their financial needs. Our team of specialists monitors the markets continuously to responsibly curate our clients’ assets. We design investment strategies that perform during up and down markets. The markets are efficient, and we believe that time in the market is far more important than timing the market.

Traditional Investment Advisory Services

When we meet with a client, we begin by learning about their goals, their values, and their financial history. We review their past experiences and how their current investments are structured. We examine their income tax situation as well as their current and predicted future cash flow and other financial objectives.

Next, we will design an investment strategy for the client and recommend the proper combination of assets that will help them to accomplish their goals. Our strategies are comprehensive in scope, but we make sure that our clients understand how they work for their benefit.

From there we handle the day-to-day management of their accounts as well any cash needs that they have when expenses arise, whether expected or not. Offering peace of mind through both impeccable planning and continuous monitoring is one of our primary objectives. We remain in contact with our clients regularly, keeping them up to date on how their investment strategies are performing.

Alternative Investments

Broadly speaking, alternative investments are investments in assets other than stocks, bonds, and cash or investments using strategies that go beyond traditional methods, such as a long/short or arbitrage strategies.

Often these investments provide stock-market-like returns, with significantly less exposure to market volatility. Although alternative investments are not right for every client, for those who qualify for them and understand them, there are major advantages.

At Strategies Wealth Advisors, we focus on the specific portion of alternative investments that include private investments. Those investments could involve private companies, private real estate, or private loans. We have seen a major benefit for clients who pursue alternative investments for several reasons:

  1. Only a very small percentage of investors are allowed to access them, making the supply/demand work in the investor’s favor.
  2. The regulatory environment has been difficult for public companies, incentivizing private ownership and increasing the supply of good private companies to invest in.
  3. The regulatory, legal, and tax environment for private investment managers has become more favorable to investors.
  4. The vehicles used to deliver these investments to clients have evolved to the benefit of the investor.

If you are seeking a wealth advisory team to work closely with you to meet your own investment objectives, closely monitoring your assets and adjusting investment strategies as necessary, contact Strategies Wealth Advisors today. We will make your wealth work for you in ways that you can feel comfortable and confident about.